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HIV/AIDS is an epidemic among Aboriginal People in BC.  Renewing Our Response is a provincial HIV/AIDS advisory consisting of APHAs (Aboriginal People Living with HIV/AIDS) and Aboriginal organizations representing community voices.  Renewing Our Response brings collective expertise and knowledge to advise in the development of HIV/AIDS policy.

Community Needs Assessment Final Report

This report is the result of the Community Needs Assessment Surveys that were sent out throughout the province to Aboriginal communities and organizations.  Thank you again to everyone who contributed by providing comments and filling out the surveys. 

Voices of the People: An Aboriginal community perspective on what Aboriginal communities
need to fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic in BC

1st Annual APHA Forum

Our 1st Annual APHA Form was a wonderful success!  Thank you to everyone who helped out, and a BIG thank you to our funders, First Nation and Inuit Health and the First Nation Health Society.  See you all next year!

Final Report

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